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This 2013 website contains hundreds of K*bot World Championship action Digital photos will be published in September, Several 2013 YouTube K*bot videos showing the Action from every Division are now available at, 2013 World Rankings are posted, with the photos to be poster on September 1 and 2014 Guidebook updates and feed back from Competitors from around the World will continue over the next few months.

For the complete 2013 K*bots UK National Championship K*bot article click on K*bots in Europe now.

K*bots in Europe

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K*bots UK National Championship 2013

Twenty teams of young engineers from ten different primary schools and educational groups converged at The Coombes CE school, Wokingham, in the last week of June for a very special competition. K*bots UK has been very successful over the last year, extending its reach into new schools as well as welcoming back repeat entries from the last UK championship, held in 2011. The selection process was incredibly tough and the level of competition significantly higher than in previous years. During the morning session, all teams were able to make tweaks and improvements to their K*bots in preparation for the afternoon’s matches.

 2013 K*bot World Championships Final Guidebook


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K*bot World Championships 

K*bot Mechanical engineering skills using K'NEX parts reaching a new level of understanding and creativity at the 2013 K*bot World Finals in Las Vegas.

We would like to thank the support people and outstanding gifted students who make the K*bot World Championships a reality: Mary Killion, Leisure Services Coordinator for City of Las Vegas Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center, Randy the Recreation Leader for City of Las Vegas Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center, Dean Mattson, City of Las Vegas Leisure Activities Supervisor,  Harrison Stanton, Volunteer K*bot WC Operation  manager, Toby Wheeler, Volunteer K*bot  UK Operations Manager, Dave Weston, Volunteer K*bot UK Operations and Research, Steve Mulcahy, Mechanical Engineer, Volunteer K*bot WC Research and Support, Kelly Small, Mechanical Engineer, Volunteer K*bot WC Operations and Research, Dan Lupinek, Volunteer K*bot WC Operations and  K*bot Teacher, Brendan Mulcahy, Robotic and equipment  support, Bob Whitely for the Volunteer coordination of the K*bot WC breakdown crew, K'NEX Incorporated., K*bot WC Corporate parts support, Educational Insights, K*bot WC Corporate support, Fast Signs of Las Vegas Decatur, K*bot WC Corporate support, Suncoast Hotel & Casino , K*bot WC Corporate support,  Yemm & Hart Green Materials, ,Alliance Rubber Company, and the outstanding K*bot Volunteer student teaching - senior mentoring program   lead by Adam Whitley and Ilana Rahaman, along with  Liam Duffy, Jarod Klingonsmith,  Conner Green, Alic Hargrove, Anthony Balko, Adrian Lee, Riley Mulcahy, Raymond Dang, Jacob Gutierrez, and Keaton McAdams.

Thanks to our outstanding students and Senior Mentor Students and their parents who made this a reality in 2013.

Do you need K'NEX parts to build your own made from KNEX robotic K*bot? Click here to order from K'NEX Industries, Inc. your best source for K'NEX parts you need.

How to build Division 1 K*bots for World Championship Competition  Here are the design guidelines you should follow to help you compete at this level.


We would like to sincerely thank all of our K*bot World Championships Corporate Support and The City Of Las Vegas who make this special student based robotic event a reality each July in the great city of Las Vegas.

K'NEX Industries,Inc. Educational Insights, Inc.

Fast Signs Of Las Vegas  S. Decatur 

Suncoast Hotel & Casino 

2013 Las Vegas K*bot Regional championships  July  15 - 19, 2013   

City Of Las Vegas Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center

Henderson K*bot Championships click here:

 2013 K*bot Ollie Awards 

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     K*bot World Championships®

K*bots Made With K'NEX® Parts - Robotics Camps for students

K*bots were invented by Thomas Vermersch from Texas at the San Antonio Academy during the summer of 1998. These K*bots weighed just under three pounds and were strictly made from K'NEX Industries parts. Division 1 was the first Division created with its two-wheel  drive K*bots.

Then in 1999 Division 2 K*bots were created with their powerful four-wheel drive. Division 3 remote control three motor K*bots were created in 2002 as K*bot interest started to expand and we had our first K*bot World Championships.  Division M was invented in England in 2001 by several young students who loved to build less than one pound manually operated robots made with K'NEX parts. In 2004 Division M became a new Division and part of the K*bot World Championships.

These K*bot competitions helped students better understand and develop engineering principles such as torque, traction, gearing mechanisms, brake systems, and center of gravity, as well as design and coordination skills for our science minded students of the future. Mr. Vermersch left Texas and now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.



The Division 2 Pro-Challenge had two time World Championship Dominic taking on four time World Champion Harrison. Harrison makes it be known that he is a player in the pro-challenge as he defeats Dominic.       


2013 Ollie Awards winners at the K*bot World Championships

Best New K*bot Design for 2012 

JarodKlingonsmith with  Static 3.0  Las Vegas, Nevada USA (Division 2) New innovative revolutionary design, that had the Division 2 wheels on the inside of the K*bot.

Rookie Of The Year for 2012

Ramond Dang with X Las Vegas, Nevada USA (Division M & 2) - Ranked #4 in Division M and Ranked #9 in Division 2 in the world in only his first year.  

K*bot Student Ambassador of the Year 2012

Adam Whitely – For his outstanding help on photography and general running of the K*bot World Championships. 

Most Improved Student of the Year for 2012  

Connor Green with Red Tiger Las Vegas, Nevada USA (Division 2) innovative design, that had the weight focused entirely on the axes.

K*bot World Championship Match of the Year for 2012

Ilana Rahaman vs Brendan Mulcahy Division M World Championships semi-finals match. Ilana with her new found mastery of  flipping K*bots completely out of the K*bot arena was on a roll all week which continued on Thursday as she went further than any female ever in Division M.  Ilana had World Champion super star Brendan Mulcahy on edge of defeat before losing in the final few seconds in one of the most exciting matches in Division M history.


Las Vegas Regional K*bot Championships         July 15 - 19, 2013 Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center  Las Vegas, Nevada - K*bot Las Vegas Finals will be posted next week - The Jarod Klingonsmith Division 2 K*bot  Static 3.0 "Clones" have started to appear during qualifying action at the 2013 Las Vegas K*bot Regional's as Static 3.0 has convinced at least Alec Hargrove (photo on right) one of the 4 to 9 year K*bot master veterans this may be the only way to stop the best current K*bot in the world in Division 2 during the 2013 K*bot World Championships next week in Las Vegas. New design Division 1 K*bot Arching mechanisms ruled the day during final qualifications on Thursday in the 2013 Las Vegas regional Championships.

2013 Henderson Regional K*bot Championship       (More Henderson Division 2 action Photos click here)                           Black Mountain Recreation Center    

 Andrew Wade defeated Wyatt Horne in an intense Division 2 K*bot battle to capture the 2013 Division 2 Henderson K*bot Regional crown and represent the city of Henderson at the 2013 K*bot World Championships. Veteran K*bot competitor Riley Mulcahy winner of other regional K*bot competitions faced second year K*bot World Championship competitor Joshua Lum who appears, in only his second year,  to have mastered the flipping technique of Division M K*bots. During an intense Division M battle Joshua flipped Riley's K*bot completely out of the arena to win the 2013 Division M Henderson K*bot Regional Championships and represent the city of Henderson at the 2013 K*bot World Championships.

Las Vegas Regional K*bot Championships     July 15 - 19, 2013 Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center       Las Vegas, Nevada - For Registration call (702) 229-1100      

2013 Las Vegas K*bot Regional Championships

2013 Henderson K*bot Regional championships  City of Henderson    June  24 - 28, 2013 Black Mountain Recreation Center - Thirty - six talented Henderson K*bot student competitors showcased their mechanical engineering skills as they competed for the Henderson K*bot Championships and the right to go on to the City of Las Vegas World Finals.

Note: YouTube  2012 K*bot World Championship video now showing at  All 137 great Division 1, 2, 3, & M matches or now showing on KbotWorldOfficial at YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  


    Suncoast Hotel & Casino  9090 Alta Dr.  "2013 Official Hotel of the K*bot World Championships"                                           

We would like to again thank

Suncoast Hotel & Casino  for providing quality rooms and service to our K*bot family competitors while attending the 2013 K*bot World Championships


Wikipedia (click link below for encyclopedia article on the K*bot World Championships)*bot_World_Championships

 Las Vegas Sun Newspaper July 29, 2011 - Students square off in Las Vegas for robot battles - Friday, July ... 



    K*bot World Championships             July 22 - 26, 2013 Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center      Las Vegas, Nevada                                                                                  -Final 2013 Power Rankings are out and 2013 Division 1, Division 2, and Division M top ten photos are out - see results  /  2013 YouTube K*bot World Championship video - and 2013 student K*bot features will be published over the next several days of September - check back to every few days for K*bot updates. Update Note: YouTube Full 2013 Division M, Full 2013 Division 1 , Full Division 2, and Full Division 3, K*bot World Championship action video now showing at

     2013 K*bot World Championships finals results      Division 2 and Division M  stole the show this year in Las Vegas. 2013 K*bots will be remembered as the year that featured several innovative designs by students like master builders Conor Green, Jarod Klingonsmith, and Brendan Mulcahy that were very competitive with all new innovative K*bot designs. 

Jarod Klingonsmith was trying to three peat as Division 2 World Champion on Friday. Division 2 was loaded with great K*bots and Ilana Rahaman was one of the favorites in Division 2 as she matched up with the defending world champion Jarod in a classic matchup. Ilana prevailed in the showdown and had eliminated one of her major competitors.

Number four ranked Cole Reese was overpowered by second ranked Division 2 master builder Conor Green.

Number five ranked Brendan Mulcahy with his all new innovative collapsing lift configuration front end took on the third ranked former UK Champion Jimmie O'Connell from Oxford, England in the third round. The UK K*bot established for top Division 2 contenders remaining that the UK K*bot was for real as it defeated Brendan Mulcahy.

After taking down the 2012 Division 2 K*bot World Champion,    Ilana Rahaman set her sights on the number two ranked K*bot of Conor Green. As the semi-final match started and the K*bots touched it became obvious that the special mechanism on the front end of Conor's K*bot was forcing the pressure of Ilana's K*bot onto the front wheels of Conor's K*bot as Conor pushed her back to win easily.   

The Division 2 K*bot World Championship finals match was a ultimate showdown between number two ranked  Conor Green with his new and improved  special mechanism front end K*bot versus the number three ranked UK K*bot of Jimmie O'Connell from Oxford, England which everyone in the building knew by now was for real.  

Conor Green's Division 2 innovative, sure to be copied in some way front end, made the finals look easy as he took Jimmie O'Connell's UK K*bot out pushing it to the edge of the table to win his first K*bot World Championship.

 The 2013 Division M World finals witnessed a number of surprises.  Adrian Lee (from Sandy, Utah) residing in Las Vegas, Nevada) representing China defeated Joshua Lum ranked seventh in the world From Los Angles, California for his first K*bot World Championship. After being ranked number two in the World last year Adrian proved that his strong run last year was no fluke.

The 2013 Division 1 K*bot World Champion winner was Adrian Lee (from Sandy, Utah) representing China defeated Michael Amar making his first world finals in five years of competition. Adrian won his second K*bot World Championship.

The 2013 Division 3 K*bot World Champion winner was Brendan Mulcahy in his final match ever in K*bot competition. (Another first occurred at the 2013 K*bot World Championships Andrea Johnson from Las Vegas made it to the finals in her first K*bot Event ever making her the only person in the eleven year K*bot history to do that. Brendan Mulcahy announced his official retirement after he won his seventh K*bot World Championship. Brendan Mulcahy has a long list of K*bot World Championship accomplishments in his 8 year career. He has been to nine K*bot World finals - Won seven of them -  Division 1 K*bot World Champion in 2009 and 2011 - Division 2 K*bot World Champion in 2009 - Division 3 K*bot World Champion in 2010, 2011, and 2013 - Division M K*bot World Champion in 2012. Brendan will be missed as other superstars in the world of K*bots, like Harrison Stanton and Edy Valdes, when they retired from active competition. Expect Brendan to likely appear at pro-challenges in the future to match his skills against other retired K*bot superstars and past K*bot instructors like Dave Weston and others.


           The past and the future of K*bots



2013 K*bot World Championship Division 1 Final Rankings

2013 Top 10 K*bot World Championship Division 1 photos  - 2013 photos now posted -

#1  Adrian Lee with Childs Play Sandy, Utah  / representing China                               (2013 Division 1 K*bot World Champion)

#2  Michael Amar with Hero Las Vegas, Nevada  USA

#3  Brendan Mulcahy with Trophy Magnet  Las Vegas, Nevada  USA

#4  Joey Lopez with  Ant Eater  Las Vegas, Nevada  USA

#5  Alex Ballin with Party Monster 12 Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#6  Cole Marsh with Rampage Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#7  Kaitlyn O' Conner with Crusher Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#8  Naomi Karoudo with Championship Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#9  Riley Mulcahy with Black N' Yellow Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#10  Benjamin Ballin with K*Bot Crusher Las Vegas, Nevada USA

************************************************************************************ 2013 K*bot World Championship Division 2 Final Rankings

2013 Top 10 K*bot World Championship Division  2 photos  - 2013 photos now posted -

#1 Conor Green with Rōnin Las Vegas, Nevada USA                                                 (2013 Division 2 K*bot World Champion)      

#2 Jimmie O'Connell with Yellow Revenge Oxford, England  United Kingdom

#3  Ilana Rahaman with Number 4  Las Vegas, Nevada USA        

#4  Murry Brown with The AwesomenessLas Vegas, Nevada USA 

#5  Jacob Gutierrez with Baby Blue Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#6   Andrew Wade with The Platypus Las Vegas, Nevada USA       

#7  Cooper Matthews with The Chameleon Las Vegas, Nevada USA 

#8  Robert Sarkisan with Jake Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#9  Jarod Klingonsmith with Static 4.0 Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#10 Brendan Mulcahy with King Me! Las Vegas, Nevada USA

 *********************************************************************************** 2013 K*bot World Championship Division 3 Final Rankings

2013 Top 10 K*bot World Championship Division  3 photos - Photos will be posted on September 10 -

#1 Brendan Mulcahy with Pep Squeaks Revenge   Las Vegas, Nevada USA                 (2013 Division 3 K*bot World Champion)             

#2  Andrea Johnson with Alice Lancaster, California USA         

#3 Giocanni Fortezzo with Saw III Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#4 Gabriel Spivy with Spirit Las Vegas, Nevada USA                     

#5  Jarod Klingonsmith with Chi Las Vegas, Nevada USA             

#6  Liam Duffy with Jolt Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#7  Grant Bergdoll with Shadow Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#8  Joey Lopez with Shark Teeth Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#9  Gregory Gottlieb with Bob Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#10 Jacob Gutierrez with Rage Las Vegas, Nevada USA


 *********************************************************************************** 2013 K*bot World Championship Division M Final Rankings  

2013 Top 10 K*bot World Championship Division M photos - 2013 photos now posted -

#1 Adrian Lee with One too many Sandy, Utah  / representing China                          (2013 Division M K*bot World Champion) 

#2 Joshua Lum with Cosmic Los Angles, California  USA                      

#3  Raymond Dang with Turtle the Cat Las Vegas, Nevada USA                                  

#4  Alex Ballin with Chicken Nugget Las Vegas, Nevada USA                       

#5  Brendan Mulcahy with Smile as you Kill Las Vegas, Nevada USA                       

#6  Adam Whitely with Mendicant Bias Las Vegas, Nevada USA                  

#7  Joseph Amar with Tiny Killer Las Vegas, Nevada USA

#8  Jordan Lawson with Shrek Las Vegas, Nevada USA                                

#9  Liam Duffy with Duffbot Las Vegas, Nevada USA                        

#10 Ilana Rahaman with Rainbow Unicorn Las Vegas, Nevada USA




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